We provide high quality greeting cards to spread love and appreciation - whether it’s through a giggle, traditional imagery, or a spark of nostalgia. Our thoughtful cards connects the disapora through relevant, refreshing, and wholesome expressions.


Kab Libey seeks to express love from one generation to another, one continent to another, and from one heart to another. 


Kab Libey seeks to be a vessel for our loved ones to express “Kab Libey” - From the Heart - one’s love through culturally relevant greeting cards in several languages from the Horn of Africa, and diasporic languages. 





Christmas Boon Yellow Card

Christmas Boon Slate Card

Gobez Graduation Card

Adey Ma'arey Mother's Day Card

Fasika Easter Card

Ruhus Gama Wedding Card

Happy Birthday Haftey Card

Happy Birthday Hawey Card

Gualey Daughter Card

Ma'arey XOXO Honey Card

Happy Birthday Ma'arey Card

Thank you card

Thank you card

Valentine's Day - Yene Fikir

Merry Christmas Tigrinya

Thank you card - Kunama